“…and may your descendants possess the gates of those who hate them.”  (Genesis 24:60b)

 Here is a mighty promise of God to all generations of people who worship and obey the One true God.  We can ‘possess’ the gates of the enemy of our souls, our families, our cities and our nation!   A ‘gate’ is the place of judgment – it was at the city ‘gate’ that decisions were made, justice was administered and authority was established.

A gate is a place of entrance into our souls, our families, our cities and our nations.   When a gate is left open—when the keeper of the gate makes no decision to possess it, then the enemy enters freely to rob, kill and destroy. (John 10:10a)  Destruction of all kinds enters in and builds a stronghold within the city.  Generations of families live with the gates un-possessed and children and children’s children bear the marks of enemy tactics.  God has given every man authority over all the power of the evil one, but man must stand in that authority.   (Luke 11:21)

It was through the city gate that Jesus our Savior came as He walked into the city and fulfilled the prophetic word of Isaiah 62:10.  He entered the temple to teach, He stopped at the pool of Bethesda to purify and it was through the gate that he carried the Cross-to pay the price of possessing the gates, for all those that would follow Him up the hill of Calvary.

What does it mean for you and I?  It means that only those willing to,  ‘be crucified with Christ’,[Galatians 2:20] will have authority over all things and any judgment claimed against them is satisfied—it means that every accusative voice from the enemy of our souls, shall be stilled—it means we can possess our gates through the Blood and in the Name of Jesus Christ.


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