”…Jesus showed Himself again…in this way He showed Himself” [John 21:1]

So what you were counting on didn’t come through—the plan didn’t work—the check didn’t arrive.  You thought it would be different, but it wasn’t.  Whatever it is, you have a need!  It’s time to expect the UPS guy to show up.  He’s the one who has been given the Uninterrupted Power Source.

The disciples were ‘there’, disappointed, disillusioned and ready to quit!  Then an ordinary looking man showed up.   They didn’t recognize who the person was and went back to doing things the old way – until He spoke.  Tired but desperate they took the advice and suddenly the miraculous happened.

They didn’t recognize Jesus!  Nobody is recognized as being Jesus or even looking like Jesus when using natural eyes.  Mary didn’t and wept her heart out [John 20:14]. Thomas didn’t and fell into doubt [John 20:27].  When Jesus shows up He looks like an ordinary person with an attitude – an attitude that cares about the other person!

He asked them a specific question – do you have what you need?  They still didn’t recognize who He was, but they verbalized their need, they admitted their lack and although tired and discouraged they did what He said.  Suddenly there was a miracle and what they did produced what they needed. When you receive what you need maybe you need to pass it on and become the UPS guy for others.

Further Reading:  John 20