…unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” [Matthew 18:3]

There she went pulling her little carry-on behind her—walking forward with an air of confidence that can only come with childhood.  Just 4 years old yet she had already made more transatlantic crossings than most adultsShe didn’t know how the vehicle she was entering had been built, the people who would be flying the plane, how high it would fly or what direction it would be taking, other than it was heading for home!  She knew none of the people that were ahead or even on each side of her but she knew her mom and dad were close behind, watching her, protecting her and that they would never leave her alone.

What a wonderful picture of child-like faith.  Just as Jesus said, “Unless you have the faith of a child you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven”   But there was more than meets the eye to glean about faith from this goodbye.  She was the joy of our lives but she was teaching us how to let go of where she was to go where she was meant to be.

Though memories of Christmas joy filled her heart leaving yesterday behind was the only way to return to all those things that had become so familiar to her.  She turned for a final wave and she was gone—not lost forever, just lost from view.

Letting go of those we love is never easy but faith knows that letting go of that which you love is the only way to truly keep it.

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