A young man, wearing nothing but a linen garment, …fled naked, leaving his garment behind.”  [Mark 14:51-52]

Suddenly the young man who was clothed in a linen garment; the ‘linen’ representing his righteousness, left his calling.  Following the ministry of Jesus had been fun exciting, awesome as day after day the miraculous happened.  Now suddenly it was falling apart!  Following Jesus meant being named one of them.  The ministry of Jesus was running into trouble, trial and tribulation.  It was changing and becoming a place of suffering!  How could this be?

It happens to us all, the road to victory goes through the valley of doubt.  The once triumphant team turns to tears and testing, but hold fast!  You are not following a ministry you are following a MASTER!  This was Abraham’s lesson when asked to sacrifice Isaac; the very instrument of blessing that God Himself had planned to bring redemption for mankind through.   {Genesis 22

Ministries change, they mutate to meet the needs of a changing society.  They change when they are laid on the altar and a new and fresh anointing is poured over them.   Only the MASTER does not change.  Only the ministry that maintains loving relationships is truly still following the MASTER.  Following Him guarantees that the robe of righteousness stays in place.  If you follow the ministry you will value the ministry more than the MASTER and relationships will be broken.  Follow the MASTER and relationships will be blessed.  Do not mistake the work of the ministry for the MASTER of the ministry.  The work of God is not God; stay the course and follow the MASTER!

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