“…in this world you will have trouble.  But take heart! I have overcome the world.  [John 16:33b]

This is not a Pollyanna statement.  No one is exempt!  This world does have trouble; every life has trouble.  Running away from trouble never solved anything.  Denying the reality of trouble is next to insanity.   When God ‘buts’ He’s about to tell us something worth listening to, He’s about to take our eyes off the trouble and onto the solution.  There is power for every problem.  There are silk purses for sow’s ears!

Trouble brings change and change is often negative in its first appearing. Every trouble has the potential of something great!   Every disaster is a birthing place for something new to happen.  The thought that Christ the victor holds the world in His hand is awesome and designed to take your eyes off the problem and seek to see the solution.

So many times I hear people say….Diane since this or that happened I’ve picked up Oswald Chambers devotional and been blessed…why?   Because the writer knew trouble was often the pathway to deeper places in Christ—he knew that we would go our own way without trouble to turn us back to Him.   Thank God He has been there, done that and won the victory!

Further Reading:   2 Kings 6:17; John 14:1