Jesus said…Go to the village ahead of you…you will find…” [Mark 11:2 NIV]

Have you ever run into people who frown at structure or deny the need to work out strategies to accomplish the Lord’s work?  If you haven’t you will and when you do just keep going and preparing and planning.  Jesus was the Master at having His ducks in a row and knowing how to keep them from waddling off!

He had been to the Father and the Father had given Him the direction He was now giving to His disciples.  Things had been planned and prepared ahead of time.  They knew where they were going, what they were going to do and why they were doing it.  They also were assured that whatever resources were needed for the task would be waiting for them.  All they had to do was follow the directions!  Jesus also knew there would be frowning faces with questions they would have to address, but He told them in detail how to respond.

Forward thinking is today’s language for knowing where you are going and daily getting the direction for how to get there.  When someone with a frowning face says…where are you going…what do you think you are doing…who do you think you are?  Tell them what the disciples told them…these are the Father’s preparations for the Father’s plan to accomplish the Father’s purpose!  Bingo…whatever God says, God does, and whatever God chooses to do He makes provision for.

In the midst of all the celebration don’t forget to continue to receive His direction…coming down to the wire and the closing of a season simply means maintaining awareness of every detail and a tighter focus on the finish line.