“…very early in the morning, they…came to the tomb.” [Luke 24:1]

They came to mourn—they came seeking death—their faith was in what ‘used to be’ it was in the natural not the supernatural—it was in yesterday’s circumstances and all the broken dreams of the unexplainable choices of others. They needed fresh faith. Their timing was right, but they did not understand and their faith was troubled.

Keeping your faith fresh happens …in the morning—before the mind gets in gear, before your own rushing thoughts press into the activity of the day. Fresh faith is found in that moment when nothing can be heard but the dawn of nature—its freshness is a tangible thing and the stillness has music of its own. The rain slipping gently to the earth nourishes the ground and cleanses the air. The gift of dawn is created for you, if you miss it—it vanishes. The sun will rise and burn away the moist air, action eats away at stillness and the moment is lost.

Don’t disturb the moment by dealing in death, doubt or disappointment, you’ve come to a place of life not death. “Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward.” [Hebrews 10:35] Take in life, drink in His Living Spirit and like the falling rain it will flood your soul with fresh faith. Fresh vision and praise flows from your heart…don’t rush away just be still and wait on the Lord.

Further Reading: James 4-5

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