Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage”  [Psalm 84:5]

In the first two months of 2014, French Jewish aliyah [returning home] increased precipitously by 312% with 854 French Jews making aliyah over the first two months.  Immigration from France throughout 2014 has been attributed to several factors, of which includes increasing anti-Semitism, in which many Jews have been harassed and attacked by a fusillade of local thugs and gangs, a stagnant European economy and concomitant high youth unemployment rates.

Just as the Jew is pressed by trial and tribulation to fulfill aliyah …go up or return home to Jerusalem, at the same time the gentiles are pressed through trial to return to God.  The reason we keep our eyes on the return of the Jew is because it is unfolding the prophetic word and as Jesus is the Spirit of all prophecy it becomes a mirror image of the return of the gentile and all tribes and nations to God.

At what point it will all culminate we do not know and neither can we, since Jesus said, no man knows the hour.  We see the returning of the Jew as prophecy that must be fulfilled; it reveals the Jew returning to God and center of worship of his forefathers.  God will open their eyes to the Messiah. The Gentiles at the same time when pressed by trial and tribulation are turning their hearts fully to the same God through Jesus Christ.

As the Jew returns to Zion so does the Gentile – one in the natural the other in the spiritual.  We walk with our brothers and sisters in unity through worship of the One true God.  Whatever the stage of our journey as we worship in spirit and in truth we are in unity and walking together toward the great marriage supper of the Lamb.

We are the pilgrims the psalmist spoke of, we have found a place of rest and peace as we worship, and wait for the great day of Christ’s appearing.

Further Reading:   Psalm 84; John 4:21-26; Matthew 24:36-42; Romans 11