Get a grip on things.  Hold tight, you who are listening…”  [Zechariah 8:9 The Message]”

With all that’s happening in the world there are moments when you feel like everything and everyone is going down the tubes!  Well it’s not true…Behind all the horror of war, flood, fires, gas prices rising daily, women killing their babies—plunging stock markets etc. God is at work!

“The Temple of God-of-the Angel-Armies has been reestablished.  The temple is being rebuilt.  We’ve come through a hard time: You worked for a pittance and were lucky to get that; the streets were dangerous, you could never let down your guard; I had turned the world into an armed camp.  “But things have changed.  I’m taking the side of my core of surviving people”

Those who are listening will receive the harvest.

Those who have persevered will see growth and increase in your labors.

Those who have been faithful in little will receive the much more.

Good stewards will see the reward of their integrity.

Replace the bad news of the world for the good news of the kingdom.  “I will never leave you nor forsake you—If God is for you who can be against you—no weapon formed against you shall ever prosper—‘From now on, you’re the good news people.  Don’t be afraid.  Keep a firm grip on what I’m doing” [Zechariah 8:13b The Message]

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