“…Your faith has saved you; go in peace” [Luke 7:50]

What a story of love in action: she was well known—for her sin—and had no worldly wealth—only dishonorable earnings.  She had the anointing oil and her tears, but neither of these things were the great gift she brought.   What she had was something that could not be measured except by action. What she had was a heart full of love and an active faith.  It was faith that saved her, not her gift of tears, just faith flowing though love which according to Paul is the only thing that counts.

It doesn’t have to look right…it didn’t.  It doesn’t have to sound right…it didn’t.  It doesn’t even have to be accepted by men…it wasn’t.  It was the one to whom the gift was given that made the difference.  What she received was peace in the place of her tears.

Christ Jesus doesn’t give His peace just to make us passive in life.  He calms our inner turmoil and conquers our fears to enable us to be active in the affairs of His Kingdom.  When the mustard seed of faith is applied, then more is given.  Christ saw the faith and gave her the power of increase.  When faith functions, it produces.  It’s not just an attitude; it’s a force that grows by virtue of its very nature.  It is a divine energy.  Oswald Chambers says of faith:  “Bank your faith in God, do the duty that lies nearest and ‘damn’ the consequences.  Strong wording, but he makes a point.

Further Reading:  Matthew 22: 37-38; Luke 7:36-50; Galatians [5:6b]