Jesus sent him home, saying, “don’t go into the village.”  [Mark 8:26]

The man had just experienced a glorious healing.  This would be a great testimony; a whole village could reap the benefit.  He would even become popular, and Jesus says… ’go home’.

The man could see clearly what he had been taking for granted.  Suddenly he could seeeverything’ clearly.  The everything causes us to believe that the man finally understood, he understood the value of people and things clearly, and Jesus says ‘go home’.

Recently someone wrote, ‘what ever happened to the back porch’?  Meaning the place to gather after supper, time to relax and share the twilight hours of the day.  Time for family to settle all the details of life into their proper places and prioritize the important issues of life.  No set agenda just a time of being quiet and listening beyond the words and just be together.

In today’s world it sounds like a dream, but it’s always a choice.  We govern our days; days turn into weeks, weeks months and months years.  Unless we choose differently life is lived out in the ‘fast lane’ of 21st century madness.  You may not have ‘family’ waiting on the ‘back porch’, but being a child of the King means you are family and He has the same need – go home and find Him quietly waiting on the ‘back porch’.

Further Reading:   Mark 8, Psalm 25; Proverbs 25

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