“I will make each of My mountains a road, and My highways shall be elevated.” [Isaiah 49:11]

This is one of those words we might skip over, perhaps think how poetic or prophetic, but do we really stop to consider the depth of meaning or what secret treasure it holds?

The pragmatism of man’s mind will have no problem in grasping such words as “ask and it shall be given to you” or “if man doesn’t work he doesn’t eat”.   But for those who have learned to ‘be still’ and take time apart from busy schedules this word is full of priceless wonder and wisdom.

Years ago my husband and I vacationed in Lanzarote, a volcanic island off the coast of Africa.  We hired a car and visited the length and breadth of the island then ventured to visit the top of the old, inactive volcano.  High above sea level the mountain peaked and for all intent and purpose had no road or possibility of a road.  But man built his own road… looming out from the side of the mountain were great iron works of man’s ingenuity and a road was built.

Who has not seen life from the mountain top and experienced a breathtaking view of panoramic possibilities and options?  Freedom becomes the air you breathe and hope a rush of excitement.   Here in the prophetic word is the promise that this mountain top can become a continuous road to travel upon, an elevated highway.   How can we marry the pragmatism of life with the prophetic word?

God, who is Spirit, created a bridge and called it the Cross of Calvary.  Spirit became flesh and a doorway for man to enter the spiritual world of the Kingdom of God.   It is that kingdom that has mountain roads and elevated highways.   The wonders of the natural world are wonderful including the ingenuity of man, but what of the spiritual journey?  Most experience the valleys, but what of the continuous road of the spiritual mountaintop experience of God?  This is the fruit of repentance and union with Him.

Further reading:  Isaiah 49; 1 Corinthians 2:1-16