“…I will make you fishers of men”  Mark 1:17]

Week after week I look into the  desperate eyes of young women, somewhat stubborn and defiant but mostly what I see is pain and cries of hopelessness.  I mention one has had a hair cut since last week and how nice it looks—what I hear is… thanks but I had head lice!

They talk, I listen…the Holy Spirit guides and I read the Word I know and love. Words they perhaps have never really heard…God loves you.

I read the truth that is unblemished and nothing is watered down or covered up…this is the Word of the Lord.  As I read the closing scriptures I look up to see faces streaming with tears.  Call it conviction, call it God calling, call it repentance—call it jail house religion.  I call it heartbreak.  Hearts broken by sin reaching toward the Cross and desperate for the answer to lives gone off the rails.

I ask…”do you know Jesus”…’yes they say’”. “ Then tell me about meeting Him….not from years ago, not from the special service time. Not intellectual head knowledge.   What about ‘now’ what about today…are you in love with the Son of God…do you have passion for the things of God, do you know He loves you?

My time with them comes to a close, weeping turns to joy as they confess, repent, and ask Jesus to come in to their heart!  To fill them with His love and peace.  They raise their hands to the heaven in praise and say….its gone, the burden is lifted!

Fishing is not easy work—one must hold steady, be patient, trust the bait will lure them and the line will bring them in. Most of all there must be a love of fishing…

Whoever God has placed in your life…do they know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior?

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