“…do as occasion demands; for God is with you.”  [1 Samuel 10:7b]

Getting ‘comfortable’ in the ‘uncomfortable zones’ is nothing but the miracle-working gift of Grace. A few years ago the magnitude of Katrina was a reflection of what God was and is doing within the soul of man. There is a stripping away of everything to reveal the heart. Man responds, reaches out and restores by giving whatever is needed, each one doing–as the occasion demands.

When Saul came home without the donkeys [1 Samuel 10:2] he was told Your father is not worried about the donkeys [things] he’s already taken care of them your father said “What shall I do about my son?” This is the reason for all the shifting and sorting in our lives, transformation is taking place. Saul was on his way to a new anointing with the command to  “do as occasion demands; for God is with you.” [v7]

All the time of trial, testing and pushing through of the faith walk is the place of breakthrough where God makes room for Himself in the lives of His children.  The mystery of Presence is the gift given by grace revealed at the Cross and worked out daily in our lives.  God sent His Son among us and Jesus said  “Peace to you! As the Father has sent me, I also send you”.   [John 20:12]  “Remember you are accountable to no one but God; keep yourself for His service along the line of His providential leading for you, not on the line of your temperament” [Oswald Chambers]

The ministry of Presence is the ministry all of us are called to.  From the world’s view it says—there is someone who hears and cares to help in times of trouble.  When traumatic times come nationally it comes on the individual line and God has sent us with His presence—to do as occasion demands—whatever is necessary the anointing—the Presence of Christ is with us to meet the needs of others.

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