“…Gideon was beating out wheat in the wine press in order to save ‘it’ from the Midianites”  [Judges 6:19] 

Stand back and see the way of man when things seem to be going adversely.

It is not uncommon for man to focus on the problem and frantically expect God to save ‘it’.  Focus is important but focusing on the minutia warps the ability to see the root of the problem which for Gideon was fear!

If you find yourself in a similar circumstance this morning…look up…see the bigger picture.  God is not only interested in saving Gideon and the ‘it’ of his circumstances, but the nation.  Gideon’s circumstance was simply a man made door for the God of the universe to move through in power and manifest His Sovereignty.

God’s plan is far bigger than the problem, bigger than Gideon’s circumstance, bigger than Gideon’s weakness.   God’s plan included all of the above, saving the nation meant God would save Gideon in the midst of his plight and also save ‘it’.

Gideon thought if he hid the work he was doing ‘it’ would be safe!  Only when the work is exposed to the full light of day is the power of light affective, sifting wheat in the wine press was the measure of man’s wisdom, a way of the flesh to save the ‘it’.   Only when the work is revealed by God’s presence and seen by all does the awesome power and presence of God take over and the true light manifest the ‘it’ as a place of God’s anointing.

Further reading:   Mark 9:17-23; Matthew 5:14-16

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