Then they cast lots, and the lot fell to Matthias, so he was added to the eleven apostles“[Acts 1:26]

To hear some of us tell it getting guidance from God is a high and holy thing reached only by some monastic lifestyle full of strange signs and wonders, sack cloth and ashes and days of fasting.  Our God is omnipotent and should He choose the former—He does.  However, for those of us concerned with the ordinary circumstances of life, guidance can and often does come through those same ordinary circumstances and seemingly simple situations of every day activity.

The story in Acts 1 is one of those ‘phew-how-ordinary” moments that renew our sense of spiritual balance and simplicity of knowing God’s direction.  We are given some of the details about how the apostles went about replacing a team member.

1.    The prophetic word of the Psalmist said they would and it was a provision in the law as to how to choose.   So after they had consulted the Word of God and ‘short listed’ the candidates they cast lots.

2.    The final decision was left to the Lord as they prayed—and trust God’s plan was being worked out through the process.

3.    The criteria they used to choose was simple—who was there, who saw what happened—who were they in relationship with already.

The most ordinary circumstances, yet they trusted God enough to know that He would use His Word, prayer, ready made relationships and everyday circumstances to reveal His guidance.  I guess you could call that child like faith and the assurance of Spirit filled living.

Further Reading:   Psalm 69:25 ~ Psalm 109:8 ~ Leviticus 16:8 ~ Acts 1:20-26 ~

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