“Be still and rest in the Lord; wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him…” [Psalm 37:4]

I was preparing to cook ‘greens’ the other day and thinking how much time it takes in the kitchen and how I had learned that the success of the meal depends on the value you place on preparation.   What you receive through nutrition is the value you place on the product.

The prep time for life and ministry is based on the same principle.  Knowledge in the head is useless without experience, and experience comes from hearing what the Spirit of God is saying and then acting by faith upon what you have heard.  Perhaps a well worn lesson, but one that must be revisited many times in the overactive world we live in.

Arthur Blessitt most known as the man that carried the cross around the world on foot, was once asked.  “When do you have time to read the Word?”  His answer holds the key, “I sit down on the curb” he said, “and I read until the Holy Spirit ‘lights’ up a word,  then I chew on it for a couple of weeks as I travel ”.  As he traveled he put into practice what he had learned and constantly shared Christ!

Our journey with God means we must find a resting place.  In Scotland there is a road that travels like a backbone through the center of the country.  The road is narrow, just enough room for ‘ one car at a time,’ which means when there is an on-coming car someone had to pull off the road, but there were no shoulders, what had been designed into the road were ‘passing places’.  The passing places were the only way for you to continue your journey.  When another car approached each driver looked to see the closest ‘passing place’, and then one of them would slip into the passing place, wait and allow the other car to pass by.

What a world of revelation is all around us if we could only just ‘see’ it!  God has many ‘passing places’ for us to rest, take a break, get out of the way of the traffic… and be nurtured in His presence while He prepared a meal.

Further Reading:  Psalm 37; Isaiah 40:31 AMP; Matthew 11:28-30