Take this and divide it among yourselves” [Luke 22:17]

What parent hasn’t learned the greatest teaching moments are given by using simple life giving moments?  Even at the eve of His death Jesus used this moment as a teaching moment.  User friendly instructions cut through the maze of detail and leaves the learner secure, confident and with a calm knowing… this endeavor will work!  The major work was accomplished before arriving at this point and will work by the power of Grace that will finish the assignment!

The attitude of great simplicity taught His disciples that His death became the price for a New Covenant, a new ‘way’ of living. The symbolism of bread and wine remind us that Jesus’ Body and Blood echo the words, “It is finished”.  Combine remembrance with gratitude, live life in simplicity in the reality of that truth and it will release His power and none are left out.

Around the world many are facing death simply because they are Christians.  Many more face persecution.  There is trial and tribulation on every front.  How then shall we live in the bookend of our end times?  Jesus our Lord, Savior, Healer and Redeemer gave us a pattern to live by, but more than that through the resurrection and ascension He gives us His power to have the attitude of perfect composure, quiet confidence and great simplicity. 

Further Reading:    Luke 22:1-22