You are My friends if you do whatever I command you…No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is dong…I have called you friends”  [John 15:114-15]

If you could share fellowship with those who have gone before and sit and listen to the stories they would spin somewhere close at hand would be the times of growing. Growing in grace and knowledge through the unconditional, uncompromising and incomprehensible love of Christ. And from those stories glean the wonder and glory of being His child, He being our Father—and being His friend.

In his book The Fire of God’s Love – Bob Sorge writes of the three phases of consecration and fruit bearing in terms of being a believer-a servant and a friend of God. A “friend”, he says, ” moves into the ultimate dimension of fruitfulness, where he learns to move ever closer to the ultimate attainment: 100-fold fruitfulness.

Growing in grace and producing the 30—60—100—fold harvest would mean a repetition of planting, rooting and fruit bearing. Each having both agony and delight; pain and pleasure; joy and sadness. This is the reflection of any growing relationship—only those who walk with you through the fire—share with you in joy and sorrow can experience the ‘rut’ that is carved in relationship one-with another.

This ‘rut’ is first–Real and vulnerable. Honestly communicating without fear of rejection. Second it is Unwaveringly loyal—when others walk away friends stand and silently salute your uniqueness. Third it is Totally trusting that who you are has been created to reflect the glory of God and yields the hundred fold harvest! 

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