”…unless you have tied this scarlet cord in the window…” [Joshua 2:18]

Do you remember the saying don’t hang out your dirty laundry—it meant don’t expose your private living to the public, especially when it’s not ‘nice’.

Our scripture and the story of Rahab give the opposite meaning—whatever is ‘hanging out’ reveals whose side you are on.   Rahab was not afraid to hang out the red ribbon because it revealed where she had placed her trust—she announced her salvation and saved her family—they escaped the destruction of the city.

Jehoshophat did the same thing when he wore his royal robes into battle—unafraid to be known for who he was they became his protection—but it was the same day in his disguise that Ahab died!

David was not afraid to use his five little stones—using what he had revealed who his trust was in and he defeated Goliath, saved a nation and kept God’s people out of bondage.

Between the midnight visit of God’s people and the destruction of the city, Rahab revealed the way of deliverance to her family—the public display was redemptions way and the household of Rahab was saved.

We don’t ‘hang out the laundry’ as much any more—but we do wear tee-shirts—what they say is who we are.

Further Reading:    2 Chronicles 18:28-34; Ecclesiastes 9:17; Acts 4:12-13

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