”…Don’t’ let this throw you…I’m on my way to get a room ready for you” [John 14:1 The Message]

Every major transition in life needs a process to clear away the fog and create forward momentum.  Trouble is in the midst of transition most do not have a process path to encourage them forward.  Like the children of Israel facing the transition of Egypt into the Promised Land there can be heard grumbling, complaining and an inability to work the process.

The key as always is found in listening to and following the process path set in place by Jesus…[things are changing] “…don’t let this throw you…” When you hear God say…it’s okay, I’m on the job, keep moving forward—suddenly you know why He says fear not over and over again and when you hear those words an incredible quietness fills your soul.

But there’s more than knowing the C.E.O. is on the job…this Commander-in-Chief knows exactly where you are going and in fact He says at that very moment “…I am going there to prepare a place for you…”  {John 14:2 NIV]

As soon as He the resurrected Lord gave the three women in the garden this assurance and instruction “…tell His disciples—He is going ahead of you…just as he told you”.  But there’s more than knowing the C.E.O. is on the job and preparing a place in the natural circumstances of your life, there will also be unequivocal certainty—“…there you will see Him.”  [Mark 16:7b NIV] What more assurance do you need?  In transition He is with you—He will go ahead of you—you will see Him—”don’t let this throw you,” you will recognize the ‘right’ place because—Jesus will be there Hallelujah!

Further Reading: Exodus 23:20-26, Psalm 16

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