“…all these were leaders in their families…they prospered and increased…”[1 Chronicles 4:38]

These leaders were not sitting around waiting for God to do things without them.  They initiated, they were involved and they moved out to find a fitting place to take care of all the increase and prosperity they had received.  If they had stayed where they were in fear of losing what they had they would have!  They went seeking, they were active and  “they found rich, good pasture, and the land was broad, quiet, and peaceful…”  [1 Chronicles 4:38]

Don’t give up, give in or give away what you have been given.  God has given you delegated authority; seek out the promises and initiate, activate, get involved with the process.  Increase and prosper in the thing you’ve been called to do.

Attainment of the promises of God requires constant victory over every temptation.  It is not enough to move out and gain the increase.  Increase and prosperity are maintained the same way they were attained.  A leader knows that discipline becomes a habit and a habit a character.  “Character is what you are in the dark” [D.L. Moody]  These leaders routed out the enemy and destroyed them – continually! [v.41,42]

Attain and maintain your full inheritance.  Allow God’s divine order and at His leading, lead, and dwell in the land of increase and prosperity.

Further Reading:     Psalm 15; Proverbs 11:16-31