“…all these were leaders in their families…they prospered and increased…” [1 Chronicles 4:38]

The secret to increase is the little word ‘yield’; yielding is only difficult when resistance to change throws up reasons why things should ‘stay the same’.   Soon the garden gives an abundance of wisdom concerning growth and increase.  If it’s left to ‘stay the same’ creation itself moves in to make the changes.  What once looked great is now dead, dying and producing disease and all manner of infestation.

To ’be involved’ with this growth process is the work the Father has given us to do.  He has given man a garden here on earth.  How we manage it is seen by what is produced.  Leaders lead and create a pathway of growth and a highway of Holiness.

We learn from the seasons the ease with which growth and change can take place, slowly but surely summer turns to fall, fall turns to winter and without a whisper new growth begins to form.  Sown within the system from the beginning “The Lord gave the word…”  [Psalm 68:11] and commanded the increase.

In this 21st century God has sown the Word for change -our task – remove the resistance!  The resistance is as it has always been.   ”Do not be stiff necked, as your fathers were; submit to the Lord.  Come to the sanctuary, which he has consecrated forever.  Serve the Lord your God…”  [2 Chronicles 30:8] His Grace to yield is sufficient for all seasons and He will bring forth the increase.

Further Reading:    2 Chronicles 30; Psalm 16; Proverbs 12