“…while I am trying…” [John 5:7]

Everyone knows you get out of life what you put into it.  If at first you don’t succeed, move forward and try again. Somewhere in the truth of all the cliches about waiting for the moment, going for the gold, keeping on keeping on, or expecting a miracle, something gets lost.

The guy at the pool kept waiting for the ‘big moment’.  He had tried so long he was caught in the circle of doing the same thing and expecting different results!  And of course it was always someone else’s fault! Someone else beat him to it!   Then Jesus comes along and says… ”do you want to be well” – do you want to move on – do you want to increase – do you want to, you fill in the blank.

Suddenly the sound of the voice, the love within the sound – the silence of every other voice became the trestle of trust, trying ceases as truth becomes the strength to stand, to walk, to face forward and move on.

The guy never did ‘get into the water’.  That was his goal, not God’s.  God sent His Son to pass by and with just a word spoken in love filled the man with strength to move in a different direction; to actually carry within himself his own place of rest and follow Christ.  “Am I not enough says the Master, am I not enough for your life – don’t go in the same direction of pushing and striving and strife – just listen to words softly spoken to truth that will set you free, to walk the road of blessing and journey through life with Me”

Further Reading:   John 5; Psalm 18:25-50; Proverbs 14:23-35