“…all these were leaders in their families…they prospered and increased…” [1 Chronicles 4:38]

Every word of God is designed to impart life and wisdom into our lives.  Growth is to God like breathing is to man!  The Kingdom of God is made to grow and those that live in the Kingdom are made to prosper and increase.

Two things stand out in my reading this morning.  First – it is written – “…And they kept good records” [v. 33 TM].   That’s divine order – every person or people group prospers from a position of divine order.  When something is ‘out of sync’, ‘out of balance’ or is malfunctioning, the problem is rarely the problem, it’s only the symptom.  The problem is misalignment with God’s divine order!

When life is ordered and reordered by the leading of Almighty God peace and prosperity is automatic.  Priorities that are set and re-set by the Spirit’s leading by their nature create a climate conducive to growth.  Man’s responsibility is to nurture the growth by understanding the growth process – sowing, nurturing, and reaping!

Secondly, if you are a leader then lead!  God has invested His authority in His Son and His Son has invested His authority into our lives – “…as many as received him. To them gave he power [Gk –exousia- delegated authority] to become the sons of God…” [John 1:12 KJV].   He holds a leadership position over our lives and has promised to prosper and increase the life He governs.  Leaders lead and when leaders lead through divine order God guarantee prosperity and increase!

Further Reading:    1 Chronicles 4; Psalm 14; Proverbs 11:1-15