Come let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker; for he is our God…”  [Psalm 95:6]

There I was wondering why a certain flower bed was struggling even with much attention and care when my friend asked which direction the garden faced—north, south, east or west”?  After telling her she said, “Diane why don’t you try having a flower bed on the other side [a side totally uncultivated other than the lawn].

My mind immediately thought about the disciples and when they didn’t have what they needed Jesus said, “cast your nets on the other side”. [John 21:6]  Do the same thing, but a different way.  Let Me direct you.  The result in the natural was spectacular, but in the spirit even more amazing; Peter threw himself over the side to follow Jesus!

My friend is an accomplished gardener, so I will plant a new garden on the other side.

I have a sense that it will be filled with a glorious harvest.  When Jesus spoke to the disciples He spoke to them as a ‘friend’ and when we listen we hear the sound of wisdom.

Receiving the harvest in the natural is not dependent on what we are doing, or where but on the most important ingredient knowing where the direction comes from.   How do you receive the harvest?  Listen to the Master Gardener and Have a Heart Of Worship.

Further Reading:  John 21, Psalm 10; Proverbs 10

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