Jesus said, “What can I do for you?”  [Mark 10:51 TM]

My first visit to the chiropractor and I heard him say—Diane leave your shoes on.  Apparently looking at the bottom of my shoes and the way they were worn was a quick indicator of where to look for necessary adjustments and what the treatment was to adjust my back into proper alignment.

If we want to see revival then we must allow the Holy Spirit to bring us into alignment with heaven—God is in the process of some soul adjustments.

IMAGINE the Body of Christ in perfect alignment with the agenda of heaven!  No lack would be seen, no cry unheard, no weakness standing alone. A body fully erect and flowing in the power of the Holy Spirit!  The power of the universe being utilized to heal the sick of mind and body—a channel of giving that flows from the source to the need without hindrance,  seems to me that’s what the early church were living and we are experiencing it again.

IMAGINE you walk into the grocery store—your heart is hurting and you wonder if God knows you’re alive—if He heard your prayer this morning or knows your need.  Suddenly from out of nowhere a voice says…what can I do for you?  A voice loving enough to touch your heart and tears begin to flow—something is said that only God knows, it breaks your heart and you know in the midst of the veggies and meats God showed up, something happened on the inside and you will never be the same. This a million times over is what revival is made up of.

Further Reading:   Mark 10:46-52; Proverbs 16:21; Psalm 19:14

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