”I have come to my garden…”   [Song of Solomon 5:1]

Every gardener knows to be alert for those things that cripple, crush or cause destruction in the growth process.  It’s a constant vigil to clean, clear out and cut away impediments in the garden if you desire productivity.

Yesterday we looked at Paul’s modeling of productivity through relationships and his example of using words of life.  He knew if the Kingdom was going to grow a major ingredient would be the ability to add value to each other.  From the beginning God had given man the power to ‘get along’ and in doing so ‘nothing would be impossible’.

In the market place of a city called Babel  the language barriers went up and productivity went to ground zero!   Disagreement brings with it division and division does nothing for dividends. “…agree with one another…so that there may be no divisions among you…be perfectly united in mind and thought.”  [1 Corinthians 1:10] Whatever ‘business’ you may be in it all depends on people.  You are in the people business, learning to ‘get along’ is crucial to greater productivity and the bottom line.

As God’s people in the market places of life you have an edge on the market.  What was destroyed at Babel was restored at Pentecost.  It is the power of communication.  Language that enhances people and empowers them to accomplish the impossible – together!

Further Reading:   Solomon 5 – Psalm 1 – Proverbs  1