Everything is possible for him who believes.” [Mark 9:23]

When God gives a personal vision He is revealing the importance of what He is about to do.  Without this personal piece, the picture [vision] of God’s big picture for mankind is impaired.  God desires your participation.   This is your destiny and the very purpose of your life.  Knowing it is IMPOSSIBLE proves that it is IMPORTANT!

Taking down the walls of Jericho was only a ‘dot’ on the blueprint of entering the Promised Land!  [Joshua 6]  Knocking out Goliath was just a tweaking to the plan of action to move forward under God’s banner.  [1 Samuel 17]

It may be your personal vision, but it’s God’s Divine Purpose!  He is the source and security.  He is the Wisdom and the Wise counsel.   What He has purposed He pays for; His account is always reconciled for those He has redeemed.

A personal vision shakes you up and sorts you out until you sell all and follow Him. The blueprint of your vision is His plan, and a vision becomes a plan when it is captured, fleshed out, and written down.  “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps” Write it down and flesh it out brings your blueprint alive with small bold and confident steps.  It may seem impossible…but that’s because it is important!