“…for with God all things are possible…”  [Mark 10:27b NKJ]

We stood in the early morning light amazed at the beauty of the dawn.  The sun rose over the mountain peaks and we were grateful.  Fifty years we have been together—a multitude of miracles have come and gone, life has moved from season to season but our ever -present God has remained the same.  In every circumstance and every situation His governance has proved nothing is too big for God.

Don’t waste the circumstances of life—tell your story—what has the Holy Spirit taught you through the times of pain and suffering, through broken relationships, through lack of resources, through disappointment and heart ache.  This is the stuff that life is made of—this is your testimony—tell your story.

We listen even now to Job’s story and hear him say, “He knows the way that I take”.  [Job 23:10].  We learn that circumstances are fire-grates where the refining fire of God does not consume us, but conforms us and we are made to fit the promise He has given.  It may seem like a contradiction this morning, but the very things that threatened to crush us are the things that create the place of fulfilled promise.  “Being absolutely certain that whatever promise he is bound by, he is able also to make good” [Romans 4:21 Weymouth].

Further Readings:  Mark 10; Job 23