”I have had enough, Lord…take my life…he lay down…and fell asleep…” [1 Kings 19:4]

Ever felt like Elijah!—I’ve had it meaning I’m not doing this anymore—Great call of God—great ministry—doing the things God had told him to do when bingo—the enemy chased him until he couldn’t run anymore and he sat down and said, that’s it I’ve had enough!

No middle ground—either you are running or sitting.  As long as you are running the enemy will be chasing you, you must be going in the right direction—when you sit—God will encourage you—you can fall asleep in frustration and God will wake you up with renewed energy and excitement.

Discouragement turned to depression for Elijah he didn’t just sit—he fell asleep. What Elijah didn’t realize was even while he slept he was ‘resting in the Lord’ Life is made up of hills and valleys and when you find yourself saying, ‘I’ve had enough’ remember whether you are running, sitting or sleeping you are still resting in the Lord. —And He will wake you up with another assignment!

The presence of God will always turn depression into delegated authority to continue the assignment that God has chosen for your life.  David knew this and said,”The enemy pursues me, he crushes me…my spirit grows faint…my heart… is dismayed…answer quickly O Lord; my spirit fails.” [Psalm 143:3-4, 7] David knew that even in the presence of his enemy God would be His supply.  Job knew it and said,”I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted” [Job 42:2]

Take heart this morning when you’ve had enough God will bring a breakthrough!


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