“…count it all joy…” (James 1:2)

When all else fails and problems don’t go away be quick to follow the dictum of Henry Ford, “Don’t find fault, find a remedy”.

It cannot be denied that life is only full, flowing and flourishing when there is the antithesis of joy and sorrow, loss and gain, right turns and wrong turns, ups and downs and yes even life and death, or as James says, “…various trials.”  Any other pattern is a delusion, a vain imagination from which all kinds of destructive fantasies grow.   Reality grows when the full gamete of life is accepted and our lives are based on these truths… “I have made you more than conquerors. —…I have given you overcoming life.”  (Rms. 8:37) (John 5:4-5)

When problems arise don’t point fingers, find solutions.  God has already invested His life in your life – His love in your heart – His strength in your soul.  So when life gets ‘faulty’ or if you find yourself in a ‘sticky’ place this morning, keep these things in mind.

  1. Maintain a sense of humor. `A vibrant sense of humor is an attribute of God; humor will carry you over the rough places of your journey, lift you higher up the mountain of life and increase your view.  You will be able to see more things more clearly.
  2. Maintain your sense of peace. Where peace abides the wisdom of heaven resounds; the solution will sound out loudly and you will able to hear more clearly.
  3. Maintain unity. Where unity is found love abounds and where love abounds everything grows and multiplies.

Humor, peace and unity, the sum of which is always greater than its parts, the remedy will rush toward you.  Rough places are used to weave an unbroken pattern of exquisite design.  Your life will shine with His Grace for His Glory!

Further Reading:  James 1; John 5