A man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” [Proverbs 16:9]

Many people, including me, bemoan the reality that regardless of where we are, people are “on the phone.”  However, God is not perturbed; rather He uses even the cell phone in strange places for His purposes.  The other day was one of those occasions.   I was out …just taking a little walk in the park.

The park in question has a very large pond.  To say it is a lake would stretch the imagination and the truth.  However, it is a pleasant sized body of water, and water carries sound.  Here I was with only one other person in the park, a young woman with her child.  She, of course, was on her mobile—and oblivious to my presence.  The conversation was very clearly one of agitation and confrontation with a man.

I walked and walked.  She talked and talked.  Finally, after a mile or so she was on her way out and I was going in the other direction.  As I came closer to her, the Spirit impressed upon me to stop.  I stopped, explained I couldn’t help overhearing and asked if she would like me to pray with her.  What a wonderful look of relief shone on her face!  “Oh, yes,” she said.  “We have problems and I really need prayer.”  In full agreement and as the young lad stood silently by listening, we prayed and believed God for reconciliation between this young woman and her husband.  Just a walk in the park — I think not. God’s people are “on assignment” everywhere we go.   We have prayed on the streets of New York, around the world and even just around the corner.   “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, And He delights in his way” [Psalm 37:23].  Just keep walking; God will use you wherever you are.

Further Reading:  Isaiah 6:8; Ephesians 2:10