”…for the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”                           [1 Samuel 16:7 NKJ]

I was listening the other day to one of those ‘forever moments’; those story telling moments that are passed down and valued as family treasures.  My friend was sharing with me about her ‘mom’ and how she was always growing in her faith.  Everyone called her “Sister Stover”  “my friend said, “and looked on her as a giant in the faith. She was, but she never stopped learning and growing right up to the day she crossed over.”

I remained quiet knowing if I did, I would hear a ‘teachable moment’.  “It was during the last hours and mother was fading in and out, like the tide drifting close to the shores of heaven and then rushing back to share a grain of wisdom.  The first time she returned she spoke softly saying, ‘ it was a beautiful place, a place where the people were -all the same size’.  Wondering if perhaps her mother was no longer of clear mind my friend sat quietly pondering her mother’s words, watching as her mother drifted in and out, suddenly her mother returned and with startling clarity said I mean spiritually of course!

Ah – there it was a grain of truth, reminding us that when the King of Kings walked on this earth he had to be ‘kissed’ by a betrayer before He was recognized.  He used His own apron to serve his friends.  He wept with compassion over Jerusalem; he walked among men as a man equal to God yet never demanding attention.  Never waving the flag of His royal position instead offered His broken body on the Cross for every man alike.

These are the moments we remember and in remembering we gain a glimpse of glory and the secret of all being the same size in our father’s eyes. Thank you my friend for sharing.

Further Reading:   1 Samuel 16, Psalm 19; Proverbs 19

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