God that cannot lie promised…”  [Titus 1:21]

What has God put into your heart? What dream, what desire? Is it dormant, dying for want of attention, deserted for want of supply, denied through deception or is it desperate to see fulfillment?

“Faith is not working up by will power a sort of certainty that something is coming to pass, but it is seeing as an actual fact that God has said that this thing shall come to pass, and that it is true, and then rejoicing to know that it is true, and just resting because God has said it.” [Days of Heaven upon Earth]

Faith is the solid sense of assurance that what God has said is so, therefore you act upon it.  One practical step can place you on the fast track of God’s unfolding plan.  Nehemiah under the cover of night rode a donkey to survey what was necessary to fulfill his desire – ”what God had placed in his heart” – when the pathway became too narrow he left the donkey and went on foot! [Nehemiah 2 TM]

Nehemiah’s part was very practical, and so is yours.  It is patterned according to who you are and what you have been called to do.  “It is within my power either to serve God or not to serve him.  Serving him, I add to my own good and the good of the whole world.  Not serving him, I forfeit my own good and deprive the world of that good, which was in my power to create. [Leo Tolstoy]

Further reading:  Titus 1, Psalm 44