Your servants’ children will have a good place to live and their children will be at home with you.” (Psalm 102:28 The Message)

What a glorious promise to every child of God – our children and our children’s children shall be ‘with the Lord’!

My most cherished moments are those when the family is gathered and I hear our grandsons pray.  No thought to the fact that they are learning or that they are not perfect, that the world does not spin around them, and often as not their requests draws a ‘no’ as an every day occurrence.  They pray to the Lord because they have accepted that Jesus Christ is the Son of God that He hears every prayer; that He takes care of us and loves us enough to die for us.

I recall a time past as we gathered together for a meal our youngest grandson (the fieriest one) began his blessing of the meal with – thank you Jesus for always putting this food on our plate every day.   I know that mum puts it on the plate, but you gave it to us!  (Someone else had to remind him that his earthly father had worked hard for it.)

As a disciple who disciples others, these moments continually remind me that prayer is simply talking to someone that you believe is listening; you trust them enough to speak plain and you don’t critique the prayer to make sure the correct language is used.    Somehow we all need to be reminded that prayer is a heart issue.  Out of the heart come the issues of life and God is interested in sharing our heart issues.  Whatever it is, He is never shocked, shaken, or surprised and we have this promise – our children will be at home with Him.

Just one more reason to PRAISE GOD

Further Reading:  Psalm 126:1-3 ~ Revelation 4