”…My Father is the Gardener…”  [John 15:1]

How many times must we confess…Lord I went with my head instead of my heart and lost my peace! Peace is in the heart, it’s a fruit of the Spirit, not a result of logical thinking.  Getting it right is often helped by simply knowing the season.

Knowing the season allows decisions to be more balanced more fruitful and more in keeping with God’s plan—He is the Master gardener He will help us recognize our personal  season.

Spring—everything is bursting to grow—to change—individual lives begin to want to ‘do’ something—to clear away clutter, throw away, clean out, to refresh, to redecorate.  To plough, prepare, ‘re-pot’ –or redefine boundaries.

Summer—a sense of living in a wasteland, the thirsting for something, the seeking for shade.  A longing for that which you cannot explain.   Heat is sometimes overbearing, sticky, everything seems harder to activate.  Sudden storms—loud and furious burst between black clouds or bright sunshine.

Fall—fruitful, grace and beauty is seen in all of creation.  Pruning and preparing, protecting for the winter season.  Days shorten—evenings cooler—memories of spring and summer begin to blur around the edges as the good times override the troubles you’ve overcome.

Winter—Days are short—darkness  more black—outside activity closes early—time to draw close to the fire to read a good book—to rest, to write or dream of things yet to come.  Winter is a time to experience greater pleasure in more simple things.

There are many ways to distinguish which season you are in—God has made it that way.

Further Reading:  Isaiah 28:23-26; John 15:1-7

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