Joseph had a dream…”  [Genesis 37:5]

So you’ve had a dream, a dream of one day having position, a place of influence, of great witness for God, a calling that gives you recognition and reveals to the world the awesome God you serve.  Here are the lies you will have to overcome.  Don’t boast of your dream it will only hurt you.  Don’t desire position it’s not Christ like.  Don’t think big, it’s not humble! BALDERDASH!  It’s time for the people of God to think BIG, follow your dream and give God the Glory!

Take a lesson from Joseph; tell the dream and take the flack! This is not for weaklings.  The flack is part of the process, so don’t hide your dream.  Some would say Joseph lacked wisdom, however, without the witness of God’s dream preparation for the dream could not have happened, when the dream became reality those he told were provided for and a nation was saved from famine.  Mostly it kept the ownership of the dream in God’s hands.

Every step of the way Joseph received a ‘measure of the dream’ he was given leadership position wherever he found himself.   He went from pit to Potiphar’s house, from Potiphar’s house to prison and finally from the prison to the palace.  In each season he yielded to God, received great favor and ruled over others.  Joseph didn’t fight the storms of life neither did he deny them, at times he wanted out [Genesis 40:14-125], but Joseph was in training.  His personal leadership development took place in the pit, in Potiphar’s house and in the prison.   He came out a man of integrity, honed by personal leadership skills that equipped him to rule over a nation.  That’s the full measure of a dream, so go for it!

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