Joseph had a dream…”  [Genesis 37:5]

When you read the story of Joseph you don’t sense or see any struggle.  The faith of Joseph displayed a trust level almost unruffled regardless of circumstances, except in one situation.  When His trust in God had given Him the wisdom and gifting to interpret the dreams of others they were blessed and he asked for man’s help.  His thoughts were much like ours would be, okay I’ve helped you, now you remember me.   He didn’t mind letting others know he was not to blame for his plight and asked for man’s help.   “…when all goes well with you, remember me…mention me to Pharaoh and get me out of this prison… even here I have done nothing to deserve being put in a dungeon.” [Genesis 40:15b]

Faith doesn’t deny reality but a leader’s faith must be free of the blame game.  It was two more years before the ultimate plan for Joseph was to take place.   When his dream was fulfilled Joseph had a heart full of forgiveness to replace the self-pity and judgement.  In fact he named his first son Manasseh- which means: “God has made me forget all my trouble…” [Genesis 41:51]  It was not because Joseph ‘deserved’ anything or by the manipulations of other men that Joseph’s dream came true; it was God’s plan and it was God’s time

Wherever you are in the unfolding of your dream remember, “… wait patiently for the Lord…in your patience possess you your soul…”  God has a plan for you and the plan, “… cannot be thwarted.”  [Luke 21:19; Psalm 40:1; Job 42:2]

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