”I have no one else like him, who takes a genuine interest in your welfare.” [Philippians 2:20-24]

Obviously leadership of quality in Paul’s eyes was very limited.  Therefore, it is crucial we learn from Timothy how the faith of a leader influences those around him.  First and foremost it appears that everyone else was more interested in their own agenda but Timothy’s leadership style embodied a faith that produced servant leadership.  It was this leadership that caused Timothy to stand out as a leader.

Timothy was a leader who modeled Christ-like leadership.  Leadership that is prepared to serve, not to gain prestige or certain privileges.   Timothy didn’t expect his followers to serve him but revealed a heart that was prepared to serve others by genuine interest in their needs.

Timothy knew the key to leadership faith was expressed by being accountable to others;he was accountable to Paul even though he knew he was ultimately accountable to God.

Timothy knew how to empower, equip and enable those among them to achieve what the Master had commissioned them to accomplish.

Timothy knew the value of the ‘bottom-line’.  A ‘bottom-line’ that is based on the freedom and joy that comes from being a servant leader, serving others and paving the way for their growth and development.  As emerging leaders they were succeeding and influencing the world for Jesus Christ!

This is the joy and great pleasure of the Unique By Design team–to be servant leaders used by God to empower and equip emerging leaders.

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