Without good direction, people lose their way; the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances” (Proverbs 11:14 – The Message)

We live in a ‘cease the moment’, opportunistic, fast lane living society.  Only the strong of mind and confident of heart will show the wisdom of the writer of proverbs.  All around we hear, ‘buy, buy’, or ‘sell, sell’!   Some people opt for middle of the road living, but that’s not good either, in fact dangerous, you’re likely to get ‘hit’ from both sides.

There is a place and there are people who know that life is not lived in the fast lane.  That grasping for the gold ring does not get them to this place nor is it the purpose or power of life.  Only the life lived from the center can create this place or this kind of people, they know how to possess themselves therefore they are never possessed by ‘the madness of the moment’.

For centuries man has been torn between two poles of thinking…. the quiet life of the monastic… life untouched by the world and the human striving of love, hate, war and degradation.  Those who spend time in a different place, they are dedicated and devoted to lives of contemplation.  Then there are those in the trenches of life their faces creased with the sweat of the brow and the grit and grime of daily living. These are those exposed to the milieu of man’s unending search and constant chase for something they can’t quite name or describe, they live on the edge ever hopeful to harness and make sense of the hum of their existence.

There is an answer… like the ‘Ever-Ready’ battery of the TV commercials, the strong of heart will continue to ‘beat the drum’ of each man’s purpose.   Jesus Christ came so that He might empower man to maintain a life of contemplation in the race and rush of external life.  Life lived from His center creates a strength that releases power for the circumference and a life that is balanced and sane. Thomas Merton describes it as; “…a special dimension of inner discipline and experience, a certain integrity and fullness of personal development… it is the flowering of a deeper identity on an entirely different plane.  (Contemplation in a World of Action)

Remember today, only the life of contemplation is strong enough to confront a world at war with itself and in so doing become a stabilizing force.

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