1 Samuel 25

Abigail—the name means—source of joy! Living with a mean and wicked man like Nabal must have been a constant burden. Even his name, Nabal, means fool. Abigail’s joy evidently came from somewhere other than the relationship she had with her husband. Without Abigail the whole household would have perished. Life wasn’t easy for her so what can we learn from Abigail?


  • Attitude—Abigail had learned that life was not about circumstances—good or bad—but how you responded to the circumstances. Her attitude revealed a spirit of forgiveness.
  • Decisive—Abigail was bold and decisive—when decisions had to be made she didn’t shy away from them. She didn’t ‘waffle’ about what had to be done but took immediate action.
  • Courage—To face the enemy requires the overcoming power of courage
  • Wise and Discerning—Abigail saw ahead to the consequences of David’s action not only for herself and her family but for David and his eventual ability to fulfill God’s call on his life. Without her wisdom David stood to destroy the calling of God on his life—and receive judgment
  • Intellect/Beauty—No such thing as a ‘dumb blond’
  • Humble—Abigail walked in humility honoring David and sharing her provision with him and his men.
  • Communicated—she made it clear to David that it was her husband that was responsible for what was happening and, at the appropriate time, told her husband what had taken place. [Proverbs 26:4]
  • Truthful—Abigail didn’t skirt the issue; she admitted her husband was a fool and a mean man
  • Submissive—She accepted the situation for what it was and recognized God’s Sovereignty in the situation.
  • Negotiated—Abigail was an expert at negotiation. She understood the principle of a win-win situation.
  • Trusted—Abigail was willing to take a risk that placed the consequences in God’s hands—She trusted that even painful relationships can be used to work together for good when God’s in control.
  • Victors—From Abigail we learn we are never victims; we are victors.