Judges 4-5

The enemy was once again harassing the nation of Israel. Because of their rebellion God had literally sold the nation into the enemies hands.

Deborah was a very patriotic women—she was a prophetess who was keenly aware of the state of the nation and able to discern God’ requirements and the direction He was giving in response to the prayers of the Israelites.

When Deborah discussed the threat with Barak who should have taken leadership he said, “I won’t go unless you go with me.” She didn’t want the job as military leader but it was hers to do because no man would/could) do it. So what can we learn from Deborah?

Deborah didn’t need the extra work. She had enough to do being a judge—her work-load was heavy but she was willing to get involved

Deborah was not driven by personal ambition. She didn’t need to enlarge her tent — she was already doing God’s will and even in battle she was willing to be ‘behind the scenes’.

She was simply being faithful to the God she served. Her confidence in God came from knowing His faithfulness to those who walked in obedience. Her discernment was such that she knew the timing of God.

She accepted the responsibilities others gave to her even though she was not trained for those responsibilities.

Deborah did what she knew was right in God’s eyes, confident that the Lord would honor her actions. She knew that although Barak was weak in faith the battle was about God and God would gain the victory!

Deborah inspired others to action. She was willing to speak the truth and rebuked those who were indifferent to the needs of the nation.