Luke 1:5-17

Another year and another appointed time rolled around for Zacharias to serve as priest of the Most High God.There friends and neighbors must have wondered—why Elizabeth was barren—hadn’t they tried—hadn’t they prayed time and time again. The Jewish Rabbis said that seven people were excommunicated from God and the list began with “A Jew who has no wife, or a Jew who has a wife and who has no child”.

Why was she unable bear the fruit that would leave a legacy?

This indeed was tragic, this was a problem! They (she and Zacharias her husband) were righteous folk…but still they had this problem—years had come and gone until even the flicker of hope was vanishing.

What can we learn about leaving a legacy from Elizabeth?

  • Perseverance. Long obedience in the same direction is a must for those walking by faith. To know the future direction one must know the entrance point and stay in alignment with it. Whatever God has called you to, don’t divert or deviate—maintain direction.


  • Possibilities: Even when hope faltered the longing within Elizabeth still stirred the heart and moved the hand of God.We are told even when we are faithless God is faithful—step by step—keeping the main thing the main thing will ultimately turn the dream into a destiny fulfilled.


  • Presence: Problems reveal God’s Presence in life that is full of peaks and valleys.The softness of a summer breeze and the whip and wail of tormenting storms either way God is with you.Elizabeth discovered that regardless of her husband’s unbelief God knew her problem and He was working to fulfill her desire.


  • Plan: Your problem is preparation for God’s plan to be manifest in your life.What was a problem to Elizabeth turned out to be God’s plan. Her problem of being barren was preparation to bring forth a mighty man of God of which it was said; there is no one greater in the kingdom!Elizabeth couldn’t do it but God did!

The plan and purposes of God transforms problems. Whatever the problem the solution is found in the fact that God is more interested in the legacy that you leave than you are—your business is His calling it is His plan to leave a legacy as a witness to the world.