1 Samuel 1:1-20

In today’s world Hannah would be a hero or—someone who is either revered, thought insane or hated; Someone who is ridiculed for weakness or just plain ignored for stupidity. However given her culture most of those opinions would not ‘fit’ seeing as how men often had more than one wife.

On the other hand having a co-wife who turned on you as an enemy and a God who seemed to ignore her desires did prove the courage of this woman Hannah! You would expect to hear grumbling, complaining and revenge but there was neither.

So how did she handle her ‘lot’ in life? What can we learn from Hannah?

  • Worthy—Hannah received a double portion revealing that love is not a reward for accomplishment but for being who she was.
  • Humble—Verbal and emotional abuse from the enemy caused her to check her motives for own thoughts and self-worth
  • Wise—She never openly or publicly complained about her enemy
  • Prayerful—Her soul searching sent her to her knees in prayer continually
  • Committed—She was willing to make a huge commitment to receive her desire
  • Self-denial—She was willing to hold-loosely what she was given
  • Believed—Hannah believed the word of the Word of the Lord and her attitude changed
  • Industrious and maternal—Hannah maintained a sense of responsibility for the gift of God
  • Glorified God—Hannah received the promise of God—her promise was God’s plan for future leadership and Hannah gave God all the credit