[Acts 16:6-15]

The journey was long; the message on their hearts was burning—but twice the Holy Spirit forbade them to preach. There was a specific call, time, place and a person that God wanted Paul to reach—and He received the direction while on the journey! After arriving in the city they heard of an open-air prayer meeting where Paul spoke to a group of women.

The intricate system of God’s plan to reach one person is not exactly an economic strategy of good stewardship. But the God that bankrupted heaven for all mankind knew the price had already been paid. He does not count the cost to finish the job.

God had one person on His heart and she was a woman in business—she was a woman of influence.

God knew ahead of time that this woman in the market place could and would influence the society she lived in. But, there are three levels that these lessons from Lydia teach us about influence and God’s perspective of success!

  • Her heart had to be opened to God‘s influence. ”The Lord opened her heart to heed the things spoken by Paul”
  • Her household was open and influenced. “…she and her household were baptized…”
  • Her home was open and became a place of influence. ”…come to my house and stay.”

There is a flow of influence in this lesson from Lydia—the heart—the household—the home. To build a successful business one must follow the flow and build a successful life! God will meet you in the market place but He first desires to dwell in your heart, save your household and use your home to influence your neighborhood.