John 11:1-7, 25-26

Jesus had spent many wonderful times with His friends Lazarus, Mary and Martha—days of listening to the Master, days of laughter., days of joy! For this family they were days serving the One who walked the rough roads of Judea. This was their friend whose life was spent speaking to the multitudes and leading His disciples to the resting-places on the surrounding mountains.

Many times their home had been the Master’s place of resting and relaxing for a season. Now they needed Him like never before—death had come to their household, trouble and sadness had broken in and their hearts were broken.

There were many friends coming to share their mourning—but only one thought clung to their grief stricken minds—why hadn’t He shown up in their hour of need? Lazarus would have lived. If only He were here, if only He had come.

What can we learn from Martha and Mary?

  • When unexplainable things happen in the lives of those in relationship with Christ they always fulfill a greater purpose than you can see in the natural
  • Even death is used to bring others to the saving knowledge of God and to give glory to God
  • Jesus is never in a hurry but He is never late
  • Jesus expects His disciples to wait upon Him for the timing to see miracles happen.
  • Regardless of the darkness of where you are Jesus will always be the Light in your darkness
  • The Light of His Presence always releases resurrection power into your circumstances.
  • Never loose hope when something dies in the Presence of God it will always live again.