“Love covers…”  [1 Peter 4:8]

In the movie, “The Shoes of The Fisherman” the man of God stripped of all identity and dignity was finally released from the Siberian prison.  After years of hard labor and tremendous degradation, he was asked by a journalist the question, “What did you learn in 20 years of imprisonment”?  His answer was slow and deliberate.  “I learned how to love”.  “Is that all”, the man asked.  “No said the man quietly, I’m still learning”.

Learning to love!  What we need is always what God is providing, if we are open and willing of heart to take the path of love.  John the beloved of God began walking with Jesus and in the process learned what it meant to be rejected.   John’s response [much like any person suffering rejection] was. “Lord shall we call fire down on them…”  Them, being those who did not believe as they did, and the Lord chastised the beloved John.  This was the same man that later penned the words, “What manner of love is this that we would be called the children of God…” [1 John 3:1]. Walking with Jesus had changed John’s heart and revealed the awesome love of God that ‘covers’.

Love is the beginning of all things, the birthing place of every living thing.  When there is a stripping away of all that stands between what has been to what is – love is.  When no friends are reachable, when all defenses are broken down, when there is no place to hide – love is.  Only in the empty places of life does real love, God’s love, create the new thing.  So powerful is this love that anything is possible.  The only thing that is not possible is to exist in that ‘nothing’ place alone, because love does not exist by itself.  Alone it cannot survive.   It is in the ‘We’ of the Holy Trinity that love lives and gives itself away.

Once tasted it must be given away until the next time when life shatters, the light goes out and man is alone again but – love is.

Whatever of outward service or obedience we render to God or man, if love is withheld, the law is not fulfilled and Christ is not.

Further Reading:   John 3; 1 Corinthians 13