I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death” [Philippians 3:10]

Strange how we so often dissect God’s word, and then wonder why it’s not working!  We cry out for revival, for a return back to God—for intimacy with Christ.  Are we willing to embrace the Cross and pay the cost?

We can know Christ and the power of resurrection, but we acquire it through fellowship of sharing his suffering and becoming like him in his death.  That word fellowship means to participate.  In the western world we have returned to the way of the Wild West and gone for the gold, and once again it has turned into fool’s gold.  It’s not the gold tested by fire or found through the inward journey of purity and holiness, but the gold that glitters in neon lights, shines through the ‘bling’ of our constant jangle of jewelry and ends in hopeless delusion.

There are two sides of God’s glittering gold coin—one is inscribed suffering; the other love.  Life itself becomes the hammer until the face of Christ is reflected on the gold coin of our faith.  We do not choose to suffer; we choose the will of God.  Jesus said, “Love as I have loved you.”  The choice is to love and love suffers.  It has been said if we wish to one day wear a crown—we must first carry a Cross.

Further Reading:  Hebrews 6