“The prophets came on My behalf saying.  Turn again everyone from his evil way and wrongdoing; that you may not forfeit the right to dwell in the land that the Lord gave to you…” [Jeremiah 24:5 AMP]

Hearing the words – I am redirecting you – is familiar to anyone who uses a GPS.  It usually means you will be sent back the way you came even though by a different route.

Living IN the Kingdom of God is no different; listen closely and you will often hear the voice of God’s GPS – God’s Personal Spirit – doing all He can to redirect your path.  It begins as a whisper, but at times may end up feeling like a two by four up against the head, or at least once in my case like running into a brick wall and wondering ‘what in the world’ happened.   When questioning God about the experience, I was told, “I tried to tell you I was going to make a U-turn but you were not listening”.   James said it this way, “If we set bits in the horses’ mouths to make them obey us, we can turn their whole bodies about” [James 3:3].  However, here’s the promise, “…he goes before them and the sheep follow him because the sheep know his voice” [John 10:4].

We are not only being transformed into the fullness of a new creation, but we are being taught how to navigate in the Kingdom of God.  Like the South African Lipizzaner horses immediate obedience is the goal and training may take years.  However, fear not God has invested His life IN you and will make you to be more than a conqueror.   So listen up God’s GPS is talking.

Further Reading:   Ecclesiastes 8:1-6:  Proverbs 22:17; John 12: 44-50; James 1:19